Indoor Urban Farm Coming to Big D – Good Karma, a t-shirt, free lettuce and more!

Good Karma, a t-shirt, free lettuce and more!

There is a guy in Dallas that wants to start an urban farm in Deep Ellum, and I want to help him.

I just backed his project with SEVENTY-FIVE of my hard earned bucks via Kickstarter, because I really want this to happen (and, I really want that tshirt and naming rights of a harvest!, not to mention a month’s worth of lettuce – I know, right?)

You can read all about Jake’s Terra Tech Farms and his plan to build an indoor hydroponic farm in Deep Ellum and provide fresh, sustainable, pesticide-free products to Dallas in The Advocate (I love this magazine!) or D Magazine’s Side Dish. It sounds like the plan is to start on the farm before the end of summer. 

Wishing Jake and his team all the best! 

Now, LETTUCE get growin’!

The Greenville Avenue Food Truck Park – It shall be called Truck Yard

As most in Dallas, Fort Worth, The DeeEffDub and Austin know, Food Trucks and Food Truck Parks are all the rage lately. The concept has quickly moved throughout our urban landscape and generated quite a buzz for this creative niche market.

Over the last five plus years, the Lower Greenville Avenue area has seen quite a revitalization. It’s been exciting to see all the new restaurants and boutiques open up around 1922House. For years now, the word on the street was that Greenville Avenue was getting a food truck park. Supposedly, it was coming around the same time as the Trader Joe’s grand opening and would be close in proximity. 

Trader Joes is set to open in August.

As I was taking My Humps (Humphrey = World’s Largest Springer Spaniel) for a walk, I noticed some activity in the old Pearson Plumbing location (across from the Trader Joes parking lot). I went back to snap some pics and here’s what we found in progress:

Then, just a few days later an email from Eaterlanded in my inbox and here’s the Cliff Notes

It shall be called Truck Yard.

There will be a main permanent building that houses a restaurant, bar, restrooms (you know you were wondering! And as a resident of the neighborhood, I’m appreciative of this =), and possibly – an ice cream parlor.

There is talk of “tree-house” seating. Whaaaaaat? And I can walk to this place?!?! Right up the 1922House alley!

I’m looking forward to having such a fun place within walking distance of 1922House. Surely, one of my favorite food trucks, Easy Slider, will be one of the first to pop up in this new park. Why is Easy Slider one of my favorites, because they created the Sweet & Lowdown. This little slider is packed full of deliciousness = Angus beef, bacon, goat cheese, and wait for it….strawberry jam!

Wake Up, Drank. Workout, Drank. Be awesome, Drank.

I’ve always heard that raw Apple Cider Vinegar was up there with coconut oil as being a healthy cure all. When I was in elementary school, my mom had a book full of natural home remedies. I loved reading how to cure all sorts of ailments by things you could naturally obtain, grow or mix up on your own. I’ve always been a little bit of a kitchen witch.

In November I started taking supplements on a daily basis in addition to my daily vitamin. I chose a simple addition of Evening Primrose Oil, Turmeric and a Super B Complex. (And…really excited about this….This week I started using the Oil Cleansing Method.)

Since, I’m on a lifetime kick of being more awesome, I also decided to dive into some kitchen witchery and start consuming a healthy tonic with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

Dr. Oz recommends using ACV as part of his Swimsuit Slimdown Plan, and although I’m not following that per say, I do have trip to Cabo coming up in only 11 weeks (what?! what?! I cannot wait!), so I thought I could incorporate some ACV into my “being more awesome” plan to see how that helps.

Reasons why I’m drinking up ACV? It is supposed to reduce sinus infections and sore throats, balance cholesterol, cure skin conditions, prevent muscle fatigue, strengthen the immune system, and more.

This week I added about 2 capfuls of ACV to my water for workouts and at work, I enjoyed a 2 capfuls in water with some organic grapefruit juice.

I was concerned I wouldn’t like the taste, but it is pretty refreshing actually. This morning I added some lemon juice to my ACV and water – yum! The taste was a friendly reminder to myself to enjoy what good things I was doing to and for my mind, body and spirit.
I’m using Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (raw, unfiltered and it has the mother).

Here’s a Vine of what I was concocting this week before my lunches and workouts. Are you on Vine? Follow me as I post about living a loving, greener, healthier life in Big D. 

To Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge: Open Sesame

Via my morning and afternoon commute to from Dallas to Arlington and then back, I’ve been watching the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge go up. Anxiously awaiting it’s opening. Not because I’m a bridge architect buff or because I’m passionate about the redevelopment efforts the Bridge supports (although it does interest me). I’m looking forward to it for merely personal gain – and hopefully that is to gain a few minutes back from my morning commute. I spend several minutes of my M-F routine just a few hundred yards from where these pictures were taken. Yes, I took them quickly while driving. Yes, there’s a cop in front of me. What can I say? I live on the edge.

At a family gathering this last weekend, a cousin (that also works for the City of Big D) brought up that he’s shocked that it hasn’t been vandalized yet. Evidently, so it The Dallas Morning News.

Stay tag free Bridge! Crossing my fingers for smooth commute.