Bad News on Good Friday: My breast cancer diagnosis

This pic was taken on Nov. 16, 2017 about 4 months before I was diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer.

I had been to see my doctor for a swollen lymph node under my arm, and he sent me for a mammogram. Nothing was found that day. I was told to monitor the swollen lymph node for any changes and come back in 6 to 8 weeks for a recheck.

Part of me was relieved, of course. I tried to think positive and was hopeful it was “nothing” to worry about.

I had a new position at work and the opportunity to work remotely. My husband and I were planning on spending the first few months of the new year (2018) living in Southern California…getting bad news would have been a real drag. I had big plans for us.

The next few months went by quickly until time came to a halt on March 26 when I had two biopsies and waited all week for the results.

I was diagnosed on March 30, 2018 – bad news on Good Friday. And a reminder to have faith in miracles.

Author: 1922house

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