BUILDING YOUR OWN SUMMER CAMP. Your own personal retreat week.

One of the reasons your mom signed you up for summer camp was to keep you on a routine while school was out. Moms have known the importance of routines forever. So have geniuses. Maybe if more of us paid attention to our routine, more of us would be geniuses.

Incorporating a routine in your life keeps you balanced in mind, body and spirit. Sounds genius to me.

Three of Seven Common Traits Found in Geniuses:

A Daily Walk or Exercise
So important – get up and get moving. I dread the drive to work because traffic is a mind waster and sitting is a killer.

A clear dividing line between important work and busywork.
Busywork  = mind wasters, yuck!

Limited social lives.
Be mindful of when to say yes or no.

One more, my favorite…

A supportive partner.


“And Andy Warhol called friend and collaborator Pat Hackett every morning, recounting the previous day’s activities in detail. “Doing the diary,” as they called it, could last two full hours — with Hackett dutifully jotting down notes and typing them up, every weekday morning from 1976 until Warhol’s death in 1987.”

What cool documentation of one’s life.

That’s only three (okay, four) of the seven common traits found in geniuses.

Read the rest of The Daily Routines of Geniuses (Sarah Green, Harvard Business Review).

Make your “routine” super fun. Build your own summer camp for yourself without even taking a day off of work. Your own personal retreat week.

Start slow, incorporate a few things so you can 1) accomplish them all 2) still allow for life to happen.

  1.    Take up SOMETHING new! Commit to making it a priority in your daily routine.

Personally, I wanted to study and learn more about the chakra system. It interests me greatly and it will give me a better foundation before I start my yoga teacher training in a few weeks (yay!).

I purchased an audio book and “studied” the chapters during my commute from home to work and back. Loved the book so much, I purchased the paperback version so I can have printed copy and make notes in it.

Not a bad way to make use of my time while I’m in traffic. I actually started to look forward to it anticipating what I’d learn next.

  1.    Your Daily Walk – this is going to look different for all of us, but that’s the best part about your Personal Retreat Week! It’s catered and customized to you and your needs.

Exercise – move. An object at rest will stay at rest. What do you expect to happen if you don’t move and take action?

Summer camp always has an exercise component! So make a commitment to moving your body at least once a day every day.

I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE! And have been wanting to jog more, so that’s my exercise piece I’m focused on this week. Got some new kicks to inspire me! And I might rope in a friend to run with me right after work.

  1.     Set a goal for yourself personally or professionally this week. Carve out some time in your daily routine to make this happen.

I signed-up for a live webinar I was super excited about and participated in. I have been interested in Rha Goddess’ work for a few years now. I felt compelled by something inside me to be a part of this conversation, especially since Take the Lead Women was hosting!

This happened and pretty much is EVERYTHING.

There is something amazing that lies at the core of each of these disciplines I encourage you to find out @1922House #reapandsow

— Rha Goddess (@RhaGoddess) July 9, 2015

Thank you, Rha! I am going to.

So – subscribe to a newsletter related to your field or your interest to generate some ideas. Make something. Spend time with someone.

Take Action.

That’s it. Only 3 things! How fun is that? You can make them exactly what you want. Your own personal retreat week and you didn’t even have to take time off of work.

Have a kick-ass personal retreat week!


Author: 1922house

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