Sissy’s! The long over due review

Dinner reservations were at 6:30. I was meeting two of my girlfriends. We hadn’t all gotten together in a while and none of us had tried Sissy’s yet. (Long overdue.)

 I checked us in and of course quickly went to check the bar, but my phone started buzzing just as I noticed there weren’t any seats available, so I turned around and benched it near the hostess area to check my message. After taking care of that, I looked up and what did I see – FERN PRINTS – amazing fern prints. A whole set of probably like 6 or 8 that went around the foyer like room. The perfect sized fern prints that look like they were sliced from an over-sized botany book. Exactly what I have been wanting for my formal living room (that doesn’t exist – yet) F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Instantly, Lisa Garza does not disappoint. 

Message taken care of – my friends are five minutes away. I look to the bar and what do I see? An empty seat and a familiar bartender…I’m on my way. 

I quickly regret my order of Grey Goose and soda when I see the drink menu – I wanted to one of everything, but that will have to wait until next round – there’s many a speciality drink to try. 

We’re sat on the porch, yay, my preference, in a table next to a comfy booth that I’d love to have in my kitchen after the walls come down. 

We chat about how we can’t believe none of us have been here yet, how the lovely the heavy cocktail glasses are, and how pretty our drinks are  – gotta love a mint leaf dusted with sugar. 

Now that we’ve settled in with some drinks, it is time to pick an appetizer. Again, we want to try everything, but decide on the curried deviled eggs (they come with caviar on top, oh yeah) and crab cakes. The deviled eggs were not only gorgeous in presentation, but were the smmmmmmoothest ever. Like, smmmmmmmooothest ever. So good. 

Crab cakes didn’t disappoint either. The breading part was super light (which this cavewoman appreciates) and the meat was lumped goodness is savory flavors.

In between appetizer oohing and ahhing we ordered dinner. We thought about creating a matrix of southern bites and each ordering something different, so we could all try a little of a lot, but we decided to take the “When in Rome” route and went with what else? A BUCKET OF CHICKEN, and chose mashed potatoes & gravy and collard greens to go with our bird.

Our bucket of chicken arrived in a what else than a  silver champagne bucket? Again, Garza, you devil. That is my kind of bucket. The mashed potatoes, gravy and collard greens were served family style. Two of us were in love with the greens, and the other with the potatoes. Only if we were picking favorites, though. 

So, how was the chicken? When I first took a look I was afraid it would be overdone. The outside looked too amazingly brown and crispy to be nice and juicy on the inside. I kinda felt like Ralphie in a Christmas Story when he opened the bunny pajamas outfit thing from his aunt. My sad face was getting ready to turn on, but then I pushed a wing aside for a big breast and gently pinched a piece of crispy skin off with a little bit of meat. Holy moly. This was the closest thing to my Mimi’s cookin’ I had ever eat in a restaurant, or any where other than my Mimi’s. 

The outside was amazingly crispy and golden brown, and by some magic preparation and cooking ,  the inside was tender and juicy. I MEAN CRISPY ON THE OUTSIDE, PEOPLE AND JUICY ON THE INSIDE like I’ve had before. That good. 

Next time, chicken picture for sure. =) 

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