Challenge Accepted: Create a Bucket List

So, today I was challenged to create a Bucket List: Write down 5-10 things you’d like to accomplish or experience in your life and why. 
We’ll, I’ve always believed in the importance of writing your goals down. I heard a long time ago that if you write them down your are more likely to achieve them. Maybe it’s because you are putting it out there for God or the Universe? Perhaps putting it in writing is like creating a contract with yourself? 
I’ve written down some goals in the past, and I’m happy to look back at those things that were once just a thought and today, and achievement. 
I told myself that I would accept this challenge without over thinking it (something I tend to do. I love to ponder, to process, to evaluate all the possibilities…). I was only challenged to write down 5-10, so here are the first ten things that came across my mind. 
Ten things I want to do in no particular order:

  1. Travel to Europe (I have some specific spots in mind)
  2. Travel to Asia
  3. Write a book (non-fiction)
  4. Write a book (fiction, most likely a children’s book)
  5. Raise chickens
  6. Buy a beach/lake house
  7. Start a foundation/non-profit
  8. Own my own store (gotta sell all those eggs, right?)
  9. Go on a ghost hunt/stay overnight in a haunted location
  10. Attend a Native American sweat lodge ceremony

Author: 1922house

I love #communication #technology #art and #education

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